Wind Cave National Park

28291 acres


Wind Cave National Park
26611 US Highway 385
Hot Springs, SD 57747
United States
Phone: (605) 745-4600
43° 29' 30.8544" N, 103° 27' 40.0644" W

Wind Cave National Park is located in western South Dakota. It was the seventh National Park to be established in the United States and the first cave to be designated a national park anywhere in the world. Wind Cave is the fifth-longest cave system in the world and 137 miles of caves have been explored. Above ground are mixed-grass prairie and ponderosa pine forest which provide habitat for a range of wildlife.

Families can explore Wind Cave on one of the cave tours that are held most days of the year. The temperature within the cave is hovers pretty consistently near 55 degrees fahrenheit.

There are 30 miles of hiking trails within the National Park. Families interested in camping overnight can stay in the Elk Mountain Campground. There are tent and RV campsites and there are facilities that offer flush toilets and running water in the warmer months. Properly licensed and leashed pets are permitted.

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