Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park


Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park
535 Stone Bridge Road
Pottersville, NY 12860
United States
Phone: (518) 494-2283
43° 43' 10.6032" N, 73° 48' 40.176" W

The Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park is located in Pottersville, New York and is a tourist attraction that has been privately owned by the same family since the Revolutionary War. The park protects a massive stone bridge arch, which is the largest marble cave entrance in the eastern United States.

Families can enjoy a self-guided, 3/4-mile nature trail surrounding the cave entrance that follows natural stone steps and passes unique rock features. Hikers can also enter portions of the cave system to experience subterranean features as part of the self-guided tour and there are more extensive guided adventure tours of the caves available during the summer months. During the winter, there are 10 miles of trails available for snowshoeing.

Families can camp overnight at one of the cabins.

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