Carranza Memorial


Carranza Memorial
Carranza Road
Tabernacle, NJ 08088
United States
39° 46' 38.6004" N, 74° 37' 56.6004" W

The Carranza Memorial is a historical site honoring Mexican aviator Emelio Carranza - regarded as the "Charles Lindbergh of Mexico" - who crashed his plane on the return flight from a goodwill mission to New York City in 1928. His plane went down in the New Jersey Pinelands in what is now part of Tabernacle Township and the Wharton State Forest. On the site of his crash is a large 12-foot high monument that was created through funding of Mexican school children. Each July, a delegation including Mexican dignitaries and American Legion Mount Holly Post 11 honors Carranza at the site of his memorial.

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