Brendan T. Byrne State Forest

36647 acres


Brendan T. Byrne State Forest
Barnegat Road
New Lisbon, NJ 08063
United States
Phone: (609) 726-1191
39° 53' 41.6292" N, 74° 34' 30.8568" W

The Brendan T Byrne State Forest is located in the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey. It was formerly known as Lebanon State Forest and consists of over 36,000 acres of native pine forests, swamps and streams.

The forest contains Whitesbog Village, which was founded in the 1870s by Joseph J. White. The village served as a company town for one of the largest cranberry and blueberry farms in NJ and was active through the mid-20th century. As the agricultural industry in NJ changed, the farm and village eventually fell silent. The site is presently leased to the nonprofit Whitesbog Preservation Trust for restoration. Families can take tours of the village and the General Store sells various items.

The forest is also the site of the Lebanon Glass Works, which was established in 1851. The business was very successful, but was shut down in 1867 after it depleted the local supply of wood used to operate the furnace.

There are 25 miles of hiking trails, including a portion of the 50-mile Batona Trail that connects Brendan Byrne State Forest with the Wharton and Bass River State Forests. There are 79 campsites offering a mix of tent and trailer sites. For those families who don't want to 'rough it' quite as much, there are also 3 cabins with fireplaces, kitchens, half baths and electricity.

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