Big Cypress National Preserve

720567 acres


Big Cypress National Preserve
Route 75
Ochopee, FL 34141
United States
Phone: (239) 695-1201
26° 9' 40.7736" N, 80° 53' 4.1136" W

Big Cypress National Preserve is located in southern Florida. The terrain is somewhat more elevated than the nearby Everglades National Park, but the two are part of the same ecosystem. The park is comprised of cypress forest, mangrove and a range of other flora.

Big Cypress is home to a wide array of wildlife. A number of mammals live within the park, including black bear, bobcat and the endangered Florida Panther. Notable reptiles include the American alligator, pythons and water moccasin. The National Park Service provides a bird checklist for Big Cypress National Preserve.

Big Cypress offers a variety of recreational opportunities for families. Hiking is a popular activity within the park. There are 6 campgrounds for family camping that offer over 160 campsites.

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