Turtle Back Zoo Welcomes Snow Leopard for Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, New Jersey's Turtle Back Zoo officially welcomed their newest resident. Chameli, a nine-month-old female snow leopard, joins the male snow leopard, Gala, who currently lives at the zoo. She joins Gala in the Amazing Asia exhibit and initially the two will rotate hours in the exhibit.

Chameli, who’s name means “jasmine” in Hindi, is on a breeding loan from the Cape May Zoo in southern New Jersey. It is the first time a pair of snow leopards will be located at the Turtle Back Zoo and when she’s old enough, Chameli will be paired with Gala in hopes they will breed snow leopard cubs.

The zoo held a formal welcome for Chameli on Valentine's Day, when zoo visitors and the press had an opportunity to see her for the first time. Visitors to the zoo should be sure to check out the Amazing Asia exhibit and say “hello” to Chameli and Gala!

Photo courtesy of The S3 Agency and Turtle Back Zoo.